dream good. stay glad. and wake up and fight.

Those are the words of Woody Guthrie from a list of new years intentions for 1942. Here’s the whole page.

woodyguthrie He has a lot of good zingers on there, but the 3 above are my favorite.  Although my New Year happened on Samhain, I cannot help but be involved in the year passing. 2014. Wow. It seems so futuristic and space age to me. 2013 was good for us. It brought a lot of clarity, acceptance, and needed change. It showed us what we didn’t want, and that hard work is the only way to get what we’re asking for. We’re not afraid. Bring it on. 2013 taught me to be more authentic and gave me the courage to do so. I’m going to continue that momentum for this year ahead. But the only real intention that I set for myself was this:

Take time to Love and Be Loved everyday.

I was sitting outside milking the goats tonight and that is what I kept thinking about. Sometimes I am so bothered by the needs of others. Just let me be. This is not a positive way to move through my days. I am not being bothered. I am being loved. The tugs on my shirt. The mommy, mommy, pleeeaase. My husband groping me affectionately, or my 16 year old needing a ride to a friends house. These are things that are family. I love my family. I am grateful for my family. 6 months ago, I almost lost my family. And I don’t want another day to go by without showing them the love that they deserve. That goes for myself too. I need to open myself to being loved.

So much is moving for us. Our visions are manifesting more now than they ever have before. We have been working for it. We have been asking. Our dreams are coming true. Sure we still have a ways to go. But we can see it in the distance. And it is breathtaking.

Presently, I am leading a workshop for women. We are coming up on the 3rd week out of 7. They are more magical than I dreamed. These women are amazing and each class is better than the last. We are inspiring the love out of each other and it is exciting to see so much hope in the Feminine. I was scared. But I did it anyway. And I am so glad I did.

I rededicated both my journal and my altar for the new year. I also made a Vision board and it is hanging on our office wall so that my husband and I see it everyday. I have great hope for the year ahead.

Namaste’ and Blessed be. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your community.

creating an altar

creating an altar




One thought on “dream good. stay glad. and wake up and fight.

  1. Thank you. I feel so used up sometimes, but I need the reminder that I’m not being used or taken advantage of – I’m being loved. My son and husband are both high demand and I need to remember that just because their needs don’t fit my schedule doesn’t mean they are valid and worthy of my attention.

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