standing in the deep.

At Samhain I worked a spell asking in one work a wish that I wanted to claim. My word that I cast forth unto the flame was Witch. I’ve been working on standing in the essence of who I am. It is not an easy thing to do, for any of us, but it is necessary. When I wrote the word witch on that paper, I was ready to mean it. I wanted it with my whole being. The Wild Woman. The Healer. The Priestess. The Mother. The Steward. The Sister. The Human. The Goddess… and so much more does it mean to me… And from that moment, it has been a steady path of discovery. Both loving and challenging. In the 6 years of my marriage my husband’s family have not known that part of me. They do now. They are Christians by the Book. They are dealing with it difficultly, but they are dealing with it I hope. The revelation has served to open up a dialogue between my husband and his mother. And he, as always has been beautiful and brilliant in dealing with this new challenge. He sees it as ever a learning opportunity and comes from a place of compassion when talking with his parents. I am blessed to have him at my side. I’ve also been actively taking steps toward my visions of the future. Niko and I both have. I made a huge vision board on Samhain as well, and then the following day announced a workshop that I would be holding from Solstice to Imbolc, bringing yoga and ritual into 7 mini retreats. It is an area I’ve wanted to explore for a very long time, but always let things stand in my way. Ever since the accident (bad car wreck back in late June, with my girls) I just decided that I can no longer live half a life. And so I move forward even if I cannot see what will come. So, in 3 weeks I will begin this journey with 15 other women. It’s been a lot of work so far and will continue to be. And I must be honest in saying that I am nervous. Very. But it is an active step in my Priestess journey and a smaller piece of the bigger picture that Niko and I see in our future. You just have to begin. The darkness is deep right now. I can feel it holding me and nurturing me as we move towards the Solstice. Things are happening. Life is happening. And I am striving to move into it with courage and grace.

Embrace the darkness, my friends. And prepare to welcome back the light.


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