re-entering the veil.

I keep coming back here. Thinking that I need to release this space so that I can fully embrace myself and move into another space. The space of my family. The space of my farm. The space of my business. The excuse I keep making is that I can share on my home blog what I can share here. That I should be doing so if I am confident on my Path. But that is just not the truth of the matter. I do embrace my Path, especially lately, feeling very strong in its beauty. I’ve just realized lately, almost as an epiphany, that Dancing with Hecate is space for my inner dialogue. This space is for sharing my fears and my joys of a different kind. Just because you can say anything, anywhere, doesn’t mean you should. This is the space where I can explode into stardust, if need be. This is the space where I can share Ritual. I can also share a soap recipe, or my experiences on my farm, but mostly this space is for my dark. And I’m really feeling my dark right now. Maybe it’s because we’re in such a Crone season. Maybe it’s because I am really feeling myself burn through a lot of old trauma and experience. But I am back. And that doesn’t mean that I will write here all the time, because mostly I am living in it. But when I do want to share, I’ll share it here. Thank you, to all of my Sisters (and Brothers) out there. Because I am really feeling you in my life right now. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being present.


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