equinox of light.

As the days get longer I feel myself begin to awaken as the sun awakens. My eyes shine a little brighter, my soul feels a little lighter. I put so much pressure on myself to do do do and then feel disappointed because I don’t. Wintertime is heavy with the responsibility of keeping bellies full and bodies warm. And even though these do not disappear with seasons change, it does seem to be a little easier. Open the windows to allow cool breeze to filter out the stagnancy of a long winters keep. Fresh raw foods to eat with no preparation involved. There is just a lightness that accompanies Spring. I know we live in Colorado and we’re by no means out of the Winter woods yet, and also that there are still many do’s that won’t get done. But the reasons change. With longer days and brighter light the call to be outdoors is too strong. So inside tasks become neglected. There is a fine balance to be met in each season. Right now the sun is out and sends basking rays through the window onto my aloe plant but it is a mere 30 degrees outside. Way too cold for my blood so I sit and write. The baby is on her father’s lap. A luxury I do not take for granted. I have much to do and much to think about. Many things to come to terms with and many things to clarify. But I do so while I relax and think about Spring. It will be time to plant soon. What seeds to choose and nurture is the question at hand. I look forward to digging my hands in warm dirt.

I have thought a lot recently about shutting down this blog. It does not get the attention it needs to be an active part of the cyber world. But I don’t do it. And I won’t. It makes me sad to think about so I figure that is as good a reason as any to keep it. But in saying that I do recognize it deserves more of a commitment on my part. It needs to be redefined. Clarified. As other parts of my life need to be clarified. Now that Leelu is almost 2, things are getting a bit easier. You forget how much of your energy and time is consumed with a little one at your heels and your breast. You forget until you’re doing it again that is. So I will try to embrace the time of (relative) freedom until we decide to make another one.

Dancing with Hecate is about my Journey. And my Journey is what I make of it. My Spirit and my connection with Spirit is important and really needs to become a more centered focus of my life. I want to celebrate and bear witness to the Cycle of Seasons and the Rituals of Life. I want to reclaim my nature as a Healer and Keeper of Holy and Sacred Ways.

So with Spring upon me and refilling my heart and soul with sunshine, I will try to hone that light and use it to my advantage and duty.

Happy Spring, everyone. I wish you Love.


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