happy new year.

My sweet Little Bug.

My family and I had a wonderful Samhain. It was a perfect blend of simple fun mixed with just the right touch of sacred. I set up a Remembrance Altar of photos and objects of memory of our loved ones past, and put our (sad) harvest of root veggies taken from the garden. I included other symbols like spirals, a butterfly, and fire of course to remind us of the transformation taking place. I spent the day cleaning and wrapping little Hershey Kisses in pieces of scrap fabric for the trick or treaters. We’re not ones for the whole candy charade but I do love to participate. So I tied a little note to each one that said, “A Spell is but a sacred wish to make magic with a singe kiss.” A cute and clever play on words I must say. And better than just the mindless monotony of what Halloween can be. I made a good dinner and baked a pumpkin apple cobbler so the house spelled like the spices of the season. It was all really quite calm and lovely. I love Samhain/ween. I love celebrating my witchiness. Blessed may you be this holiday season, friends. Blessed may you be.

I love my Pumpkin.


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