as the days grow shorter…

Lately it seems that everyone is a little extra groggy as the days grow shorter. Those small pieces of missing daylight can make a big impact on some of us. Even my furry friends seem to have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. And today, the chickens who are usually clucking their hearts out way before dawn, were oddly quiet until way after the sun rose.

I for one, am definitely effected by the changing seasons, both mentally and physically. It takes a little more effort to both warm up and wake up in the morning. The transitioning season coaxes me to make my own changes. For example: I set my coffee maker before bed now for easier press the button prep come sun up. 🙂 And because the daylight is getting shorter I find myself wanting to go to sleep even earlier. I have to make sure I take good care of myself this time of year, allowing for a little extra relaxation and “me” time because the lack of sunshine makes me cranky. I need to be at my best to take care of my family. You know, like when you’re flying and the flight attendant instructs you to put your own safety mask on first.

I suppose this is just my body adapting to the changes the same way the earth does. As the trees prepare for the long winter by losing their leaves, so do I by spending more time resting, even if it’s just inwardly. I also find myself craving more substantial foods. Hot and hearty stews for dinner. Heat inducing gingery oats for breakfast. I bake more. I eat more. I sleep more. No wonder we tend to put on weight this time of year. Perhaps it’s what we’re meant to do. (Hey, whatever I have to tell myself, right?)

Are you effected by seasonal changes? Positively or negatively? Do you do anything special to prepare or pamper yourself in any extra way?


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