a ritual for my mother.

This is an imaginary ritual. One that I know will never happen. But in writing it, perhaps I give wings to the possibility that someone, somewhere has had a glimpse into another world and they saw themselves as they really are.

For my mother, who constantly struggles to see her own light, and forgets far too often to recognize how beautiful she can be.

Ritual supplies (ideally):
A basin of water, large enough to emerge in. (This is imaginary so I choose to live romantically.. I see a claw-foot porcelain tub filled with steaming hot water.)
Cleansing and purifying herbs of your choice. (For this ritual I’m using rose petals.)
Rose water or some other anointing oil or water.
A crown, made of whatever you like. Could be man or nature made.
Ritual garb or your bare skin.
A large bonfire.
A grove of trees. I visualize Aspens in the height of summer. Dancing in a cool breeze.
Pre-dawn. With a dark moon right before she waxes.

Light your fire to roaring flames. Throw in the sage. Soak naked in the water bath singing the chant, “Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit.” Begin softly and allow your voice to carry through the forest as you carry the energy for the ritual through out the grove, cleansing not only your body but your ritual space. Mediate on your body becoming pure light, melding with the earth the sky the fire the water, becoming one and the same.

When you know that, emerge from the water, bare feet touching the earth. Garb yourself or remain nude. Lift your arms towards heaven. When you feel the vibration of Spirit as you, sing while dancing around the grove: “We are one, round round round. We are one cashing sacred ground round round.” Over and over until you know your circle is cast.

Move to the fire. With open arms shout!:
“I am here. I am open. I am the Way.
I know now that I am what I’ve always been.
Goddess Incarnate. Walking magic.”

Hold up the oil or water:
“Bless this liquid as it absorbs into my body, fill it with the charge of Earth (touch the ground), Air (breathe on it), Fire (toward the flame), Water (sprinkle it with bath water), and Spirit (raise it to heaven) as a promise that they will live in me, as me. Circulating through my physical body and my ethereal body reminding me that I am alive with magic.”

With the oil touch all the chakra points and then rub it into the palms ad the tops of feet (because the bottoms are all dirty:))

Lift the Crown.
“Bless this Crown.” (Repeat previous blessing with elements), Place on head… “as a promise that it shall be a reminder that I am a Queen of Heaven and Earth. That I am Sacred and I walk Sacred Ground. That I am Goddess. I see Goddess in my work and in the eyes of those that I meets. And that though the physical Crown shall leave, the real crown shall remain always. I need only close my eyes to see.”

“As above so below. As within so without. So mote it be!”

Stay in this place as long as you like.
Douse your fire. Drain your water to the Earth. Leave only footprints and sacred energy, and carry the magic with you.


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