the road to home.

Our trip west was liberating in many ways. Everything seemed to come together to make it the perfect time to leave. Niko didn’t have work lined up for the week. I only work Sundays, and Daisy doesn’t start school until the end of August. What really seemed lucky was that my friend Christine just happened to be in town that week and is house/farm sitter extraordinaire. As all of you backyard farmers are aware~ it’s not so easy to pack up and leave when you have livestock to care for and gardens to tend.

The first few nights away were tricky. We were all getting used to close(r) proximity and false notions of what the trip was actually about. Daisy thought we were going camping. I knew we were looking at property but thought we were also having a bit of leisure time. So… I brought my banjo, my yoga mats, yarn. Funny. Like I’d have time anyway with the baby. But it turned out it was all business. And my extra baggage was SO in the way in our already tight space. (Sorry, honey!)

After mild frustration about many of these things, we all seemed to release our own emotional baggage and rally begin to settle into the flow of each other, the space, and the majesty  of the environment. Besides the onslaught of a billion man-eating mosquitoes in one spot, it was hard not to be swept up in the beauty of it all. We fell in love with the land again. Which is not to say we every actually fell out of love for it. But when you live in the city it’s hard not to let a thick outer skin collect. You have to slough off many layers to remember how to breathe fresh air again.

There is a great wild magic out there and you are God standing in the thick of it.

I did get to play my banjo once, and I laid out my mat a few times, but the trip was about finding our place. And I do believe we found it.

In Delta County there are no building codes. So we can build a sustainable and functional earth-ship or cob house without having to convince the powers that be that is in fact structurally sound. The surrounding areas are full of organic farming and a community that gives a damn. No longer would we be the eccentric neighbors with the cob greenhouse and the backyard chickens, but instead just another family milking their own goats. It’s exciting. The possibilities we found. This trip reminded us to dream again. We didn’t realize we’d ever stopped. But it’s easier then you think to get lost in the fog of bills and dirty dishes.

This trip did more for me than just letting me slough off some city dust. I came home lighter, I freed so much space in my heart. Everything is brighter and more beautiful. I smile more, and complain less. I have more love to give.

We bought a For Sale by Owner sign for the yard.


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