little by little

This morning didn’t play out quite as smooth. The baby didn’t sleep well. I didn’t get out of bed until 5:20 and then had to go back in to nurse not long after, as well as keep checking in. But I still got to do 20 minutes of scattered yoga and now I sit until she wakes.

I’m also trying to incorporate tarot back in to my life. The Witches Tarot is still my deck, since I was about 14 years old. I am not nearly as intuitive with it as I was then, but I’m hoping it will come back to me, little by little.

A morning reading.

The Prince and 8 of swords. My present situation and the influences that surround it. I have chosen the Path and am walking it.

3 of Swords and Justice reversed. Past events and influences. The path that was taken was difficult. It came with sacrifice and lessons to be learned. Though hard, it was necessary and has only made you aware of the importance of commitment.

The Stars and The Fool reversed. Future events and influences. You have come full circle and are inspired. You know what you want. You have reached your desired goal. Now you must choose where you go from here. Rest awhile first.

6 Cups reversed. Environmental influences. Self centered. Narrow minded. Refusal to acknowledge your god-self. This has been your emotional charge, which is why all the need for this physical action.

Temperance. Strengths. You are able to balance the things you need to achieve your goal. Emotion. Reason. Creativity. Logic.

2 Wands reversed. Hopes and Fears. You’re worried that you’ll give up because you don’t have the commitment to see it through. But just keep focused on the goal. Not how you’ll achieve the goal.

9 Swords. Final Outcome. You are ready. You are prepared. Now be still. Know. Observe.


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