Raising a new generation of love.

Raising a new generation of love.

Hello, beautiful people.

Touching base, as that’s all I have time for at the moment. Computer time is sparse, and that’s fine with me. After all, we’re out there doing as well as being, and there’s not often time to sit down and record it. It takes root in our heart spaces, filling our lives with love. Living our yoga as best we can and giving back as we are able.

How are you? Since sharing last time, Leelu was only a few months old. She is now 7 months today. What a grand adventure this has been so far. My life has been changing and shifting and I am learning how to breathe through those changes. Flow with the rhythm. Yeah. Life is smoothing out as new motherhood (take 2) becomes the norm once again.

one rhythm yoga colorado springsI’ve started taking a yoga class 1x a week. Right now that’s all I can spare. Daisy and Niko graciously watch the baby so I can go and have that time. I knew that my body needed physical yoga. I think I talked on that in the last post I wrote. But it’s really extraordinary how much just one hour a week has done for me, physically and mentally. I am so grateful for yoga. So grateful. The class is with Corinne Andrews at Yogafied. Studio 313 happens to be only 4 blocks from my house so it’s perfect. Corinne and I taught together at Om and Garden so I knew of her style before embarking. The funny thing is, is that I wasn’t sure that I’d really dig the classes. I’ve taken her class before and enjoyed it for sure, but for it to become my regular yoga practice is a whole different ballgame. I was the vinyasa flow girl, still am in many ways, but my own teaching style is varied and has changed a lot throughout the years even though I’m technically vinyasa/hatha certified. Corinne was trained in India and I think is Ashtanga certified, though what that means to us Americans differs dramatically from the actual meaning.

So anywho, taking these classes has been wonderful for me. Physically, for sure. But mostly, getting me back to the beginner mind of the student and out of the ego of what I think my practice has to be. I love it. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. And I would definitely recommend it for new and experienced practitioners alike. The classes are small and set up in a way that you get to know your fellow yogis and develop a camaraderie with each other. It’s wonderful to see someone grow through yoga. If you’re looking for a class in the Springs, I’d definitely give Corinne a shout.

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