out of balance.

I do not know how desperately I am craving the sunshine until I am actually in it. We take for granted the simple moments of standing in the light. With the baby it’s hard to get much outside time. Her sensitive skin cannot handle it, and she is not the most content of creatures yet so I cannot just put her to rest in the shade while I bask in the sun.

As a result of my lack of Vit D combined with all things new mommy, I am rather tepid looking. Pale complexion, bloodshot eyes and the like.

Right now however, as I write this (because I always scribble before I type) I am sitting in my rocker on my front porch. In the glorious sunshine on this Equinox day. The baby is right inside and the front door is open so I can hear her.

Many could argue about the actual date of Fall and the Equinox. I generally would say it falls on the 22nd. But according to my We’moon it is today. Which suits me just fine because I’m able to be outside right now to soak it in. It won’t last, but I’m grateful while it does.

So much has changed. And is still changing. New motherhood has come again and oddly enough is more difficult the 2nd time around. The baby personalities are much different. I have help this time too but it doesn’t make things much easier. But again, I am grateful for my ever loving husband and my baby sister loving teenager. Without them I wouldn’t get the few moments of peace that I do.

Oh, blessed sun.

She’s awake.

Now several hours later and I’m just typing as I go. No time to linger anymore.

It’s a day of balance, right? Though I feel so incredibly out of balance. Out of sinc. Out of everything really.

I continue to count my blessings. Everyday. Though at times I may be in tears from pure exhaustion, I still remember to be grateful.

This post isn’t about witchcraft or magic or anything of the sort. Instead it’s just checking in, catching up. But the whole reason I started this blog (even though it’s neglected the majority of the time) was to figure out how to experience magic in the everyday. And I think I still am.

It’s not about casting spells or calling on a goddess or having an altar (even though the last would be nice), right now it’s about listening to the birds, watching the leaves change and the moon rise. Listening to my daughters make their own noises and watching them grow. Loving. It’s all about loving. And standing in the sunlight, of course.

Happy Equinox, everyone.



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