to yoga.

It has been almost 1 month since my body has practiced physical yoga. My last day of teaching was on the 13th of May. It has been a long and emotional ride adjusting to the change, and even more so, trying to incorporate the studio’s belongings into my teeny tiny house. That is a work in progress. I finally semi-cleared my desk yesterday, probably only to find more that needs a resting place until the next time. Sigh.

I’ve noticed, especially in the last week, how my body is reacting to the yoga withdrawal. The added weight of increasing belly adds to a forward motion of the chest and shoulders. I’ve been slouching a lot. I catch myself mind you, but whereas good posture came as second nature to this yogini before, I’m having to work at it now. And, ooh, the charlie horses. I wake up at night because I’ve stretched my legs in my sleep and that simple action leads to that ouchy tightness in my calves.

I’d hoped to be able to enroll in a prenatal class a lot sooner, but our budget right now is just not allowing it. So my hubby and daughter recorded some prenatal yoga videos for me that I could do at home. They’ve been sitting patiently on the shelf waiting until I just couldn’t take the decline of the body anymore… almost a month now. This morning I woke up and decided that today was definitely the day. I started with a little garden weeding (impossible! ugh!) and then came in, washed my feet, and went right into it on the living room carpet. I didn’t lay my mat down because I was dirty and didn’t want my mat to get dirty too. Well, yoga is quite the adventure isn’t it. 14 years of practice all down the drain (big exaggeration) due to a single month off. Pretty much like when I came down with pneumonia and had to take time off. Silly yogini. Really though, yoga is akin to the whole ‘riding a bike’ thing. You just have to get back on when you fall off. The practice felt good, and I need more. I have two videos, one with Shiva and one with Eva Barash. I did the Eva one today and am going to attempt to alternate between the two and get a practice in everyday. This is so extremely important for my body, and will make delivery so much more smooth. I just know it.

So that’s what going on lately, friends. Actually, there’s TONS going on right now, but that is what I have time and energy to share at this point. Eventually I’ll fill in the blanks.


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