beltane blessings

Merry meet, friends. I can’t seem to keep regular with my blogs lately. It’s understandable. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes it is not always convenient or practical to sit in front of the computer because we’re out there experiencing it. And with my laptop being off limits to me right now (for safe, relatively radiation free pregnancy) I can only use the desktop, which is not often available as it’s the husbands main work source.

Beltane is right around the corner. I would love to be able to celebrate with a party of some sort. But we’ll be honoring the lover in mother earth in our own way. My fertile and swelling belly and the child somersaulting within is proof of that. Perhaps we’ll have a fire and throw into it our blessings and praises for the lushness, the bounty, the pleasure. It’s easy to forget bout those things when you’re moving through struggle. So a small celebration into the heart of pleasure may be just what we need.

I wish you infinite blessings this Beltane season.


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