spring, balance & mirrored reflections

Oh joyous Spring! It has been the perfect weekend to celebrate the balance of the Equinox. The sun us shining brightly and there is a cool breeze blowing. After last night’s full moon, the wind seems ideal to blow away the last remnants of winter and stagnancy (even though here in Colorado winter sometimes lingers past May).

I don’t know about you, but I am most ready for these longer days of sunshine. The earth is reborn today and we can start to see it in the world around us. Maybe not necessarily in the earth herself unless you’re in a warmer climate, but notice the bird song and the soil starting to be worked by the gardeners in your area. There is more activity outside as we celebrate (consciously or unconsciously) this rebirth and growth.

I find myself reflecting on the beautiful balance of this day. So much in my life lately has felt topsy turvey. The last week has definitely brought about a feeling of something rising, culminating. Something that I’ve been desperately needing. It built up to the full moon last night, and now this morning I have such a sense of release. It’s time to begin again.

I’m pregnant by the way. 🙂 Almost 5 months. This pregnancy has definitely followed the seasons. Not in the conceive on Beltane deliver on Imbolc kind of way, but deeply in my body have I felt the Earth’s body, even if I didn’t realize it until now.

I conceived one month before the winter solstice, on a full moon, and come that solstice I was feeling the dark depths of my being. Knowing that there was growth happening, but still having to be in that darkness. “Babies develop in the darkness of the mother’s womb.” My body felt that depth with the weakness and nausea of the 1st trimester.

Come Imbolc, the nausea had started to fade but then the flu struck me hard. Yes, the sun is growing stronger, but it can certainly be one of the coldest months of the year. Imbolc is a time for initiation and can be both a commitment and a test. And oh, was I being tested.

All this time my body was continuing to support the growth, even through the difficult days and the struggle to persevere. And now the equinox has arrived, and I feel the balance outside and within. I am reminded that we are one and the same. When we pay attention, we see the reflection.

So happy Spring, everyone. Blessed Equinox. Reflect on the balance in your lives and on what you will choose to nurture in the days to come.


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