prayer for release

I performed a ritual at my yoga studio during the waxing quarter moon. The waxing moon benefits growth and increase but the purpose of my ritual was for clarification and peace.

My studio is in a state of transition as my body is in a state of transition as our life is in a state of transition. What I needed was a sense of peace to let go and give it up to Spirit. It as in decisions, worry, grief, etc. The moon happened to be waxing so I had to adjust my intent. My intention was an invitation to my purpose.

I wish I had some pictures to share, especially being that it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog with any content. But my cameras broken :(. I might find some related images on the net to share.

My rituals are often much simpler than this one. For instance, I usually don’t even cast a circle. But I was following an outline by Diane Stein and so changed my format a bit. Variety is good for the soul.

The entire studio was purified with sage and cleared with a singing bowl. I set up a Labyrinth in the center of the room made of tea lights and lit these before I cast my circle. I used amber incense for casting, as amber is excellent for clarity. Circling the area 3x I directed the smoke from the incense first low, then waist-high, and finally above my head.

I cast this Circle, not for protection, as I know I am protected in this sacred space. I cast this Circle to contain and heighten the energy to focus my will and clarify my intention. I cast this Circle for purity of purpose. I cast this Circle as an offering to Spirit to hold the sacred energy of manifestation.

I set the incense on the altar and took up a bowl of water.

Sacred element of water, I call upon you and ask that you be present during this ritual to aid my magic with your purification. I seek your constant flow to balance emotion. I ask that you be here now.

I lit a floating candle on the water.

Transformational fire, I call upon you and ask that you be present during this ritual to aid my magic with your power. I seek your burning flame to cut through barriers that may be holding me back. I ask that you be here now.

I blew my breath lightly over them both.

Winds of change, I call upon you and ask that you be present during this ritual to aid my magic with your lightness of being. I seek your cool breeze as a reminder that this too shall pass. I ask that you be here now.

I sprinkled sand in the bowl.

Solid earth. I call upon you and ask that you be present during this ritual to aid my magic with your stability. I seek your strength to be prepared for whatever comes. I ask that you be here now.

There was no rhyme or reason for the order of my callings. I simply did what came to me at the time.

Calling on the maiden and the moon.

I invoke thee, Great Spirit, maiden goddess. I seek your innocence and your purity. I seek these tempered as they are with wisdom. I seek your action and your potential.

I call upon the powers of the waxing moon. That time of increase, creativity, and manifestation. I seek your increasing strength for the purpose of this ritual.

Even this miniature version holds such depth, don't you think?

I walked the Labyrinth as the main body of my ritual, having placed a picture of the full moon at the mouth, symbolizing the completion of the journey and the point of knowing. I sought for my peace by the rise of full moon. As I walked, I spoke these words:

As the moon waxes and continues to grow with light, so do I become clearer in thought and direction. As the moon continues to grow with light becoming round and full in its power, so is my spirit full with contentment and peace. The moon growing in its power is me growing in my power. The moon growing to completion is this process coming to completion. The moon growing to its fullest clarity is me growing to my fullest clarity. When the moon shines bright and full in the sky I will know the studios future and have complete clarity and peace.

At the end of my walk I performed a self blessing with rosewater, for self-love and compassion. I used the blessing from Stein’s book, Casting the Circle, with only a few changes and then used a slightly adapted chant for raising energy.

*New moon rising. Shining, shining. Growing, ripening. Magic is happening.

*On a side note, I think this could be a really powerful chant if sung in a group, with each participant singing different parts at the same time, as the chant grows in length.

I always ground in child’s pose as my root, hands, and third eye center all rest on the earth.

Maiden Spirit and waxing moon, I thank you for your presence in my ritual. I open a pathway for your release. Spirits of water, fire, air and earth, I thank you for your presence here and your aid in my magical work. I open a pathway for your release. My Circle is open. So mote it be.

I’m recording this after the event, of course. Tomorrow is the full moon, and quite the extraordinary one I’ve read. I’ve already felt since the ritual a release of sorts. Though still heavy in my heart, a sense of calm and letting go is underway.

With the equinox just the day following, perhaps all of this will clear the way for bright beginnings.


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