you’ll laugh about this later…

There has been a surge of creative energy flowing around me. Around me. Not through me, or even next to me. I have been struggling to stay on top of my health and maintain some semblance of a functioning life and practice. Life and practice. Same thing, right?

I’ve neglected this blog since my injury. It seems that ever since that injury there has been one challenge after another. And the injury, by the way, has still not completely healed.

Further lessons in impermanence and letting go. And going with the flow. Even if it seems I’m stuck at a standstill and cannot quite seem to get my flow flowin’. Whew. To share…

2 days after I injured myself I found out I was pregnant. Though not completely unexpected, it still took us by surprise. And I proceeded to live through the worst bout of nausea known to womankind. I’m sure I’m exaggerating, but it certainly didn’t feel like it. Just as soon as I started to feel like a semi normal human being again, I was stricken with a severe flu that had I gone to a doctor I feel sure I would have been diagnosed with pneumonia, to which I am still recovering.

In all this time my husband has been working compassionately and diligently to hold our household together, while my dearest friends have been working their own magic to help me hold the studio together. I am truly blessed with my support system.

The studio is still functioning, though things have changed dramatically. They’ve had to. The studio is basically a one woman show, and while I’ve been incredibly grateful for my subs and supportive teachers and students, all of the creative and enterprising juju that was planned and needed has been put on hold. Indefinitely.

It seems that One Rhythm is headed in a new direction. What exactly that direction is yet is still to be determined. I only hope that I have the courage and compassion (with myself) to see it through.

Life throws us giant challenges sometimes. What we make of them is hugely dependent on our character, and the love that we have to shine on our way.

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