happy samhain

It’s Halloween. When I woke this morning I could feel change in the air. I took the day off today. Normally I always work Sundays but knowing Halloween fell on a Sunday this year I asked for it off months ago.

It’s particularly warm. Very typical for random Colorado weather patterns. But it is still Fall. Blaringly. The wind has blown the leaves off most of the trees. My favorite ones outside our kitchen window are bare. I love those trees. Awful for the foundation of my house, but brilliantly able to depict the magic of the changing seasons.

We carved pumpkins a few days ago, though from now on I think I’ll make it part of the day of’s ritual. One pumpkin in which we carved flames in, the chickens got into, which took away its remaining support and it basically deflated. The other Daisy wanted to carve as Jack Skeleton. 3 days ago he was a success, now his gums have gone soft and he reminds me of my grandpa.

I am very aware of the season. What is outward has definitely taken me inward. I will not be celebrating the Samhain Sabbat tonight with any large group. I was invited to participate in the Samhain ritual of my friends coven held on Friday night but there has been too much pettiness and drama circulating around them lately and I just don’t want any part of it. As a witch alone and very spiritually dedicated to my family, I am blessed to honor these moments as they come. It is not necessary for me to hold esbat the Saturday closest to the full moon so that it works for everyone’s schedules. Instead I can walk outside, lift my arms and sing during that ultimate point of roundness, that beautiful and bountiful belly. This does not make me better or more entitled. As with any person or group, when there is intent there is truth in the practice. I am simply expressing my gratitude for freedom.

each time i took the photo, the light from the flash appeared somewhere different, i thought it was significant so i compiled them.

After a small amount of argument, we decided to buy candy for the trick or treaters. Every year we struggle with this. Because we don’t eat (rarely) this type of junk (ick), or feed it to our children, we have a hard time passing it out freely to others. Plus there’s the awful commercialism of it all. Kids these days (ha! Yes, I did just say that!) know nothing of the true spirit of the season. Even my own finicky little teenager, who knows the symbolism and realities of this wondrous holiday, scoffed at me when I expressed my idea to make little spirit dolls to hand out instead of candy. She didn’t want to be the egged house on the block, (Do kids still do that?!) and of course, she was only thinking of the children. Commercialism won out for the kiddos. I do love seeing them flock around in their costumes. I love dressing up (or not) and sitting on my porch waiting for them to arrive. We’re not much for decorations around here, maybe next year. But the light of grandpa Jack will surely guide their way.

I’ll make chicken pot pie for dinner tonight, and we’ll have a nice feast to ring in the year. Though my potpie contains no actual chicken I know that it is the thought that calls up my ancestral meal and celebrates my southern roots. Spirits are not bound to land, and so should those seafaring relatives of past times wish to visit us here in the Rockies, they are most welcome.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that 8 of pentacles that I pulled a week or so back. About reclaiming my health and having the power within myself to effect positive change on both my body and finances. I know what practicality has to do with my physical well being, but I’m still not sure what it is in relation to the studio. Maybe tonight is a good time to figure it out. The veil is thin, divination is heightened. But mostly it’s a new year and new beginnings are charged. Yesterday I led and participated in a day retreat called ‘Journey to the Soul’. Very appropriate timing. These events are always empowering to me as a woman and a teacher. They bring so many things to light in my heart about what I want to share. We created a soul collage and it was inspiring to see what all of the women found to express. I love collage. This was a little bit different though, as there was no specific intent and I just grabbed what spoke to me. I ended up creating a very powerful image.

This entry has turned random, as most do.

Happy Samhain, ye merry Witches. A very blessed and magical new year!


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