rite of passage

the quote on the back of our invitations

The wind has been raging this morning, and now a light rain delivers some soft understanding for the purification ahead. This morning as I came into work there was a rainbow. Everything lately seems to signal transformation.

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful fall day. Earlier when I was running errands a strong gust of wind blew through and my car got pelted with the fire of dancing leaves. I truly love this time of year. It is hard when things become bare, but to watch as nature handles death so gracefully is such a powerful lesson.

Saturday we celebrated Daisy’s Rite of Passage into womanhood. It was a beautiful yet simple ceremony and while Daze expressed mild embarrassment at times, I think overall she enjoyed it. It has been 4 months since the start of her cycle and there’s been a lot of drama going on in her little teenage life. As is to be expected during this late stage of jr. high. I hope that this ritual gave her a sense of empowerment. Surrounded by these amazing and powerful women, honoring their own sense of self worth and offering her a piece of that. We had all ages, from 5 months to late 60’s early 70’s. It was a gorgeous collection of feminine energy and I am honored that they took time out of their day to honor my daughter.

There were many systems of belief present and it was a beautiful thing to be together and acknowledge something that was a part of us all no matter the choice of our god or religion. To be able to commune as women, and recognize the divinity that we all hold, that we all share.

I hope Daisy remembers it. I hope they all do.

a circle of red

pampering the maidens

so she will be 'far seeing'

blurry... but what's a party w/o presents?!


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