daylight divination

Early morning is my favorite time of day. My mind is clear and calm (most of the time), and my body is relaxed. I like to read or study in the morning because I feel that’s when I can get the most out of it. I can focus and everything just sinks in a little deeper.

I was thinking about my tarot deck and how I’ve really neglected the steps I need to take to further my study of the tool. I recorded in a previous post about my love of the art and how when I was younger it came so naturally, but now I have to work at it because I was away from it so long. And, well, I haven’t been.

The Witches Tarot is my deck. It served me so well long ago. And this new gifted version I love still. Most of the interpretations are pretty obvious and some of the images are down right comical. It differs from many decks in that fire is represented by swords and air by wands. Then there are the court cards which do not stand on their own but serve to modify the card that follows. For example the King of Wands would have no meaning on its own but were it laid before the 3 of Pentacles would tell you that you might possibly be considering becoming pregnant, and though it is not yet conceived, the seed of thought has been chosen and the journey toward it begun.

Being a Gemini, I tend to move on to something new before I fully master what I’m presently working on. I’m trying not to do that with this deck. There is a new deck out there that I really want. But I’ve committed to respecting and honoring the wisdom of how The Witches Tarot found their way back into my hands. I will work with them until I know them again.

This morning I decided to pull just one card. So I shuffled my deck with no particular thought in mind, only open to universal guidance, and I pulled the 8 of Pentacles. The images of the men on the pentacle cards get on my nerves. So I was immediately bothered. They are serious body builder types. Ripped, enlarged muscles, 2 seconds out of the tanning bed. Gross. But then I have to stop whining and appreciate the artist’s obviousness. He is meant to represent the physical, the material. So I move past his bulky nature.

Further affirmation that I was meant to draw this card: Months ago I started writing interpretations for each card on individual post it notes. I had taken them and crumpled them all together. Well when I drew this card I looked at the pile of small yellow papers and I picked up the top one and unfolded it. Sure enough. It was the match for the 8 of Pentacles.

The buff and brawny man represented in this card stands in front of a massive bookshelf filled with volumes of every size. He holds high in each hand large volumes of similar size, like he is lifting weights, or rather showing off his prize. The interpretation of this card is that the mind has a positive affect on the body, which is an obvious deduction by the imagery. It also indicates a sensible health program, again represented. Book sense, physical health. No nerve problems, which is interesting. I suppose in relation to the card, the nerves can be emotional because he is standing in confidence, though that would probably be more related to wands. However, I would relate it to me personally as just another physical tie telling me that a sensible health program would lead to no nerve problems, because I have a physical dis-ease that resides in my nerves (which was actually present this morning when I pulled this card). And finally, the card, when referencing pentacles for finance indicates wealth being obtained by solid, logical action. Which is perfectly pointed toward my issues with the Studio making money.

It’s all there. Right there in that one single card. Divine guidance in a silly muscled man standing half-naked in a library. I’m gonna let him hang out on my altar for a while until I can figure out how to put all that guidance to work. Clear and positive thinking and a straightforward approach to my health, and the same thing applied to my business.

Let’s do it people. One, two, three… BREAK!


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