The more I live my faith the more I’m realizing that it is a living faith. One reason that I have difficulty practicing consistently with groups is because I love the freedom and spontaneity in the moment. I do not adhere to text from the latest masterpiece of modern witchcraft because it is theirs not mine. Yes, I gain inspiration and at times greater insight but please do not tell me that it must be done this way or else. Or else what? How can I have a personal relationship with Spirit if I am merely following your orders? Yes I do have some minor issues with authority, how can you tell? I believe in authenticity. I believe we are blessed to have these ancient traditions and modern translations, but as guides, not as rules. To each their own personal interpretation.

It baffles me that there are those in the pagan community that will sit there and judge you because of how you define things and how you choose to actively live your path. Are you kidding me? Have we not, as pagans, undergone enough persecutions and judgment from other religious misunderstandings that now we have to attack each other from within. Are you that insecure in your faith?

I’m ranting.

There has been a lot going on lately with people that are dear to me. Some of it I find very petty and unworthy of the attention being given to it (which is what I’m doing right now). Is it wrong to assume that pagans should have better moral values, broader minds and more expansive hearts? Yes, it is. Because we are only human. Human’s being. I can be very naive sometimes but I still cannot stop believing in the best of people.

I don’t care where you call Earth, and it doesn’t matter to me that your Athame represents Fire on your altar. It doesn’t make you any less of a witch because you don’t keep an altar or a Book of Shadows. You can’t make Esbat because you have to work? Of course that’s okay. I am not any better than you because I know my ancestry and you are not better than me because you hold a 3rd degree training in Wicca. Your tradition says what? Awesome and more power to ya. Get it?

Don’t define me. I barely define myself. Things change, and it is a beautiful thing. Be strong in your beliefs and your principles but don’t be afraid to mix things up and feel intuitively where things are in this moment. The survival of our species has been about adapting to that change. It’s how you do it that matters. We’re in this together. None of this petty bullshit matters.


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