*oi, with the poodles already!

*(If you’ve never seen The Gilmore Girls, you should. Because it’s totally sweet and funny. During one episode it’s suggested that both oi and poodle are very silly words, and should have their own expression. Hence, ‘oi, with the poodles already’. Their context here used to describe the frustration of ridiculous matters. Watch the show. You’ll understand my simple delight.)

The day is warm. All week has been sweater weather, Autumn breezes smiling upon us. But today, my day off, when all I wished for was to sit in the sunshine and feel the warmth on my bare skin, well, ask and you shall receive.

It seems there has been some conflict in the world of witches in my local area. Being only mildly involved in the greater community, I hear tidbits of gossip here and there, but do appreciate getting to the heart of something that matters. Really, when I gripe about my lack of community, I would take my simple and personal relationship with Spirit over the chaos of unnecessary drama any day.

In the greater pagan community we were to have the 1st annual Colorado Springs Witches Ball. There were 2 main backers and a lot of volunteers working hard to pull it together. The profits from the ball were to support the 1st pagan community center in our area. This was huge as we live in the heart of Focus on the Family and are the hub of New Life Church. Part of the profits were also going to other local charities in our area. It all sounded like a wonderful idea at first, except that they made the age limit 15 and older which meant my 13 year old couldn’t attend. I planned to donate a gift certificate for yoga to their silent auction which was to add to the fund-raising process.

Well then it all blew up I guess. It was discovered that the woman behind the community center was planning on moving out of state the very day after the Ball. So what about all of this fund-raising? The shit really hit the fan when it was found out that the 2 woman organizing the event planned to keep 70% of the profits after they had been reimbursed for their expenses. Silly. Silly drama. So unfortunately, an event that could have possibly been a catalyst for change in the pagan community turned out to be a wash. And it all could have been avoided by speaking their truths from the get go.  Oi with the poodles already.

It doesn’t affect me on a personal level. I’m a little disappointed. But also realize that it was better to find out early than to have watched this blow up and show negatively on what was supposed to be a positive image. The Colorado Springs Witches Ball was canceled. But the Denver Witches Ball, 15+ years running, is on. And welcomes my teenager.


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