exhale and release.

In our physical yoga practice, meaning asana and the awareness and control of breath, we are building pranic energy. Prana. Energy. Life force. As individuals that energy can be a very powerful thing. The more we practice, the more our mind becomes still. The mind becomes still, the pranic energy continues to rise. When we practice in a group, the pranic energy becomes dynamic. We mingle with each other, give and receive of one another. We raise the vibration of our very souls. With these thoughts in mind, we name a Sankalpa, an intention, and we use the energy of our practice to direct that intention.

PranaNow here’s a yogic principle come into play, that of non-attachment. We set our intention, we put our prana behind that intention, we bow our heads on this practice, and then we let it go. It is out there doing its work. And we hold no attachment to the outcome.

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