It’s been awhile. 2 months almost. It happens to be the Equinox today. Perfect balance of dark and light. A time to reflect on what matters and let go of what doesn’t. A time to breathe in and be open to the change. There’s been a lot of change in my life lately.

I have 48 minutes until I have to walk out of this coffee shop and go to work. I like my job. It’s part-time, my bosses are great, and working in a funky lil clothing boutique is totally worthwhile, ‘cept a bit heavy on my pocket book when that new pair of pants comes in that I just have to have.

In addition to my job at the boutique, as many of you may know, I am a yoga teacher. A month and a half ago, my husband and I made one of the biggest decisions (of my life for sure), and opened up our own space. I say our space, but truly it is mine. My commitment to my craft, my responsibility to pay the bills, my ultimate decision. But being as everything I do and everything that I choose not to do includes my husband, it is ours.

I was scared. And even still I doubt myself. But it’s okay, it’s just something that I do. I was not looking to open a yoga studio. I enjoyed teaching, but the commitment of doing only one thing and being rooted at it was petrifying. Even so, I know better than to ignore the forces at work. This space was put in the palm of my hand and I was told by universal guidance what to do with it. I am bright enough to know when to listen.

I am not fool enough to think that anyone reads this blog. I write it for myself mostly. To get things out. I do not write about my craft as a witch on my yoga site. I would like to be able to combine my lives, and bring them together in one central place. But I’m afraid that is just not possible at this point. And now being a business owner, I must use caution if I am to keep my bills paid. I am not saying that I hide any part of myself. I just do not broadcast it on my blog that I am a witch because it is not essential to the purpose. I do not ask you if you are a christian.

I understand this is a ramble but it’s been awhile and my fingers have a mind of their own right now.

I would like to see the studio become more than just yoga. I would like to see it become a sanctuary for healing and discovery. My studio is called One Rhythm. The name has always been with me for my private yoga business, and it made sense to carry it on to the studio. A piece of the slogan is “One Rhythm, One Heartbeat, One Planet”, because we are all connected, and we are all a part of something bigger. My calling is to be a teacher. I know that. But yoga is to be only a part of my teachings. I do believe I am on the right path.

Back on the homestead things are moving along slowly but moving along. The greenhouse is still not complete, but Niko and I are both very busy. The chickens are growing and becoming more a part of the family. Daisy is becoming a teenager that makes my heart and belly hurt. She is now 3 moons into her cycle. We will be having her Rite of Passage next month.

All in all life is moving, as it tends to do. Spirit is present. I am generally lost and found in the same moment. I am always grateful. Always.

I so wish to live my life with more passion and magic and spirit. That is another blog on another day. I will share though, because it has been a thought heavy in my heart.

Until then, blessed equinox. Seek the balance. Focus on the love. Let everything else go.


2 thoughts on “focus

  1. Congratulations on your own space! That’s amazing 🙂 I wish you all the best. It is hard sometimes, to combine all parts of our lives into one. I’m sure there will come a time when everything will come together 🙂

    • Thank you, wise one ♥. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes it seems so intimidating walking the path to complete wholeness, you know? Finding that place of maximum acceptance. And you don’t even realize you care until you are standing at the door. Ugh. But yes, thank you. I feel like it’s starting to come together. The studio is a step in the right direction…
      All love, sister.

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