love is all you need.

We are here to inspire, not to compete. That goes for everyone. We were all born for greatness. We have a mutual purpose on this planet. To inspire love. Joy. Respect. In not only our teachings but in our examples. What else do you have better to do with your time than to promote love? It’s in everything you do, if you make it.

When you’re spending time with your children, it is not only what you do with them but what they see you do without them. How better to teach peace than to love your enemy? Because the enemy is an illusion. How can you be an advocate for love if you do not support gay marriage? Or stand in the light of God’s love if you condemn your neighbor for standing in the same light, just under a different name?

yoga of the heart

We are here to love each other. Trust each other. And look out for each other. We are here to inspire greatness in each other. There is no real controversy at the heart of love. Some of us are slow to learn this fact. It’s part of our journey as humans be-ing. But we will get there. I am seeing it happen more and more each day. Soon we will realize that we are all a part of the same heartbeat.

Be an advocate for love.

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