delayed reaction.

Otherwise known as “The Joy response.”





I went to a workshop today, led by one of my favorite and most inspiring teachers. I decided to go to the workshop even though I knew I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. My coworker was a gem and worked an hour longer so that I could in turn stay an hour longer, which only brought me an hour short of the ending. Got an hour thing going here, huh?



The workshop was called “Where the Goddess Stands” and focused on the second chakra, her favorite standing place. There were crazy amounts of hip opening and forward folds. This was only the second asana class I’ve attended of Jessica’s, the first being only a couple of weeks ago. Her asana practices are challenging and beautiful.



Plug for Jess here: She is the only Jivamukti teacher in Colorado Springs and she is AMAZING. Just seeing her smile makes me smile. Her inner light radiates and touches all those who are blessed to be in her presence. She teaches at Pranava Yoga Center and leads workshops and retreats year round. Check her out. You won’t regret it.



Back to the workshop: it’s part of her new Women of the Woods program (LOVE the name!) and just reading that title made me want to be a part of it. It sounded like something completely up my alley. So I went for it, telling her that I’d have to leave early. And my wonderful husband gave up his Sunday morning with me so that I could go.



daisyWe were asked to bring a flower that reminded us of our sacredness. Our feminine divinity. Even our sexuality. I brought daisies. Daisies are my favorite flower. It was my great grandmother’s name, and my aunt’s, both of whom I never met. It is the name of my daughter. Daisies remind me that beauty resides in simplicity. Also that grace, fragility, sweetness and innocence have this underlying strength that shines through against all odds. Daisies persevere in the face of a rose. And also in the presence of the weeds that she walks with daily. Daisies remind me that it’s okay to be a quiet force. I could go on and on…



So I brought daisies. We set them on the altar with images of goddesses and peacock feathers. Did you know that peacocks are the only known natural enemy of the cobra? The peacock actually transforms the venom in her body to something harmless. A reminder of how we can transform the poisons in our own lives. We each picked a goddess card from The Goddess Oracle and I got Coventina, goddess of purification. I am entering a time of cleansing and detoxification of mind and body, she says. Well, no doubt. My body is telling me lately that I better get serious about it. And my mind, well, there’s a whole other blog post.:)





My husband and I picked our first zucchini out of the garden yesterday (see garden yoga). We were SO excited. This is the first edible thing I’ve ever grown! And it was beautiful! He made a fabulous quiche out of this beautiful vegetable and I felt overwhelmed with blessings.



Ok, that was off subject :) But I had to mention it.


The asana practice was intense. I had to let go of my defenses and access my inner goddess to get through it. And I did, and Savasana was so sweet. When we were called out, and about to go down for food, I looked at the time to see how much I had left and to my surprise and panic, it was already quarter after 2! There was no time for food or hugs I just had to get out of there to make it to work on time. When I made it to work I felt scattered and spacey. I attributed it to lack of food and simply that lack of full integration. Yes, I got savasana. But there needed to be something else for this particular practice, I thought. So I just went with it. Wonderful Daisy brought me a muffin and I sipped on my love latte from my wonderful husband. Then I started interacting with customers and soon I started to notice that I was absolutely elated! My mood was so elevated I was staring into bliss everywhere I looked. And then I noticed that my joyful spirit was contagious, or perhaps it was the people coming in that were wearing off on me. I don’t know, but the entire night was FUN! Just absolute pleasure and joy at being here, in this moment, with these beings. And then I started thinking, hmm… the spacey feeling that first affected me had turned into something else entirely. Joy!



So even though I don’t think I’ll choose to participate again in a workshop if I can’t stay for the entire thing, the essence eventually caught up with me. And my customers got to bask in the afterglow, even if they were unaware of the source.



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