What a glorious afternoon in Colorado. After record heats the last few days, I awoke to overcast skies and now enjoy mild sunshine with gentle breezes. Oh yes. Glorious indeed.

I wanted to share my morning class with you, as it has sent me smiling into the world and I’m sure will carry with me throughout my day. First off, to “invoke” via

1. to call for with earnest desire; make supplication or pray for.

2. to call on (a deity, Muse, etc.), as in prayer or supplication.

3. to declare to be binding or in effect: to invoke the law; to invoke a veto.

4. to appeal to, as for confirmation.

5. to petition or call on for help or aid.

6. to call forth or upon (a spirit) by incantation.

7. to cause, call forth, or bring about.

For those of us familiar with magic, “invoke” is a familiar term, and something that we probably use somewhat regularly. But maybe for the everyday Jane, it could be a lot to take in. Yet, that is exactly what I asked of my students this morning. That they call to heart the word, and ask what it meant for them. I then read them the short definition as presented by good ol’ webster: to address or call upon in prayer. With that in mind, I expressed my desire as a teacher to share with them that our bodies are our prayers. Whether we hold religion, spirituality, or just a simple faith that we are alive on this Earth, we can all benefit from a moment of prayer, a moment of communion.

I expressed once how Shiva Rea brought me to this realization in my own practice, in my own body. This process changed my yoga forever.

So as we sat through our pranayama practice, as we experienced those first movements into our vinyasas, we prayed. We prayed with our bodies. And though some may not have gotten it, I think that as they continue with their practice, they will. Your yoga may start out as something physical. It may start out as something that you do because you have tight hamstrings, or tension in your shoulders. It is my belief, though not imposed, that through a regular asana practice you begin to discover the spirit of yoga. You begin to peel into the layers of your own divine nature.

When you start moving with prayerful awareness; slowly, subtlety, inch by inch… what will you discover? When you feel the ocean currents in your breath, when you reach up to greet the Sun and ground down to touch the Earth, what will you find hidden just beneath the surface?

Let me tell you a secret: You are Divine. Everything you do, every breath you take, is Sacred.

As witches, this is not so much a secret, is it… but we all need to be reminded sometime. I think coming to your mat is an excellent way to remember.

Blessed be, friends.


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