crafting collages

My favorite girl and I were having some mama/daughter time today and decided to do some collaging. We both decided that we officially LOVE collaging.

She had a binder that she’s been wanting to decorate, and I have a spiral bound notebook that I use for a book of shadows, not so much for a lack of a better option, just mostly because I’d rather mess up and scribble in something spiral bound over something leather bound. Whatever. I’m just like that. Everything I write in this one, will eventually be carried over to a heartier version. But I figured since we were tapping into our creative juju, what better canvas to play with then the plain ole grayish cover of my Book.

We went through some Yoga Journals, Body & Soul mags, old We’moons, and *Shape magazines before they hit the recycle bin. (Note* I do NOT recommend this magazine nor any other fitness magazine for that matter. I feel they are demeaning and depressing and all they do is tell you how you’re not skinny enough or not healthy enough. For some reason, they always end up in my p.o. box from a misguided subscription and I hold on to them long enough to see if they have any good recipes.)

We found a plethora of good stuff for collaging. Awesome pictures (especially from my old we’moons) and some inspiring words, quotes and poems. We had a lot of fun making them. Daze found a glue stick from younger school days and my husband gave me a roll of clear masking tape. Once we laid out our designs and glued them down, I put a layer of the tape on to protect the paper and give them a glossy effect.

Here’s the finished look for my Book. I’d say that’s way cooler than the plain ole gray notebook. Not that I have a before and after, but you get the picture 🙂

the big picture

Here are some detailed pics… what magical finds in the written word!

i was meant to be an old woman

witch power

hard times require furious dancing

And my darlin’ Daze, I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing, because she did such a beautiful job!

daisy's cover

her front & back


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