calm & centered

I was rushing today.

I should have had plenty of time. But the ornery teenager that wouldn’t answer her cell phone (same said child that I sing praises of, yes.) and the fact that my favorite skirt got caught on the handle of the credenza as I was rushing by and therefore ripped a good portion of it all the way up my leg, rather cut the minutes down to zip. Having no time to cry like a baby, I merely gasped, frantic now, and ran to change. Said child would still not answer her phone. My stress level was on the edge of collapse. I was out of time. I hurried to my jewelry box, grabbed some amethyst earrings and an amethyst pendant and ran out the door.

I got a hold of the child, (who of course, feigned innocence ~ ‘what mom? the phone was in my back pocket, I didn’t hear it!’), made it to work only 2 minutes late due to my record setting race car driving skills, and texted my husband about my miserable afternoon. Then, I changed my earrings and switched out my pendant.

I felt the balancing effects immediately. Not like, oh yes! Bliss! but a soft sort of calm began to take over. So I took a deep breath and allowed the stone to work its magic.

I have always had an affinity for amethyst. And serendipitously so, it happens to be the stone I’m working with this week as part of my Path training. Perfectly fitted, as it’s a stone of receptivity and wisdom, and we just entered the 3rd quarter and a waning cycle of the moon.

Just holding an amethyst piece in my hand gives me a sense of peace and calm.

Other qualities of this wonderful crystal (by no means complete):

*powerful and protective

*guards against psychic attack~ transmutes negative energy to love

*high spiritual vibration

*enhances meditation/higher states of consciousness

*healer and cleanser

*opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts

*drives off insomnia and nightmares~good for prophetic dreams

Mostly when I think of amethyst I think of balance. Balance of the mind, body and spirit. So any time you feel unsettled emotionally or mentally, wear or carry an amethyst (preferably cleansed and charged). This also applies for physical conditions such as headaches, tension, and so many other physical ailments that occur when the body is out of balance. Of course, always trust your intuition (and your doctor if that’s your thing). I am not prescribing or diagnosing here. Just sharing my thoughts. Take them as you will.

On a different note, I did not hold ritual last night on the moon. I did not even go outside to see her. My husband came home from being away for a couple of days and I was distracted. Remembering later on as I lay in bed, I connected to her energies through time and space letting any guilt slip away for not celebrating in some physical way. Visiting a kindred soul’s blog0sphere, I was inspired by her simple yet beautiful post, which allowed me to connect with mama moon yet again. Thanks, M.


2 thoughts on “calm & centered

  1. Like amethyst but it has a snag worth noting.

    It enhances psychic ability.

    If you are an empath or other psychic with poor or absent shielding, where you have problems screening out other people and vibrations appropriately, amethyst can ramp up these vibrations and make it even more difficult to have control over what you’re receiving.

    As an empath, until I developed better control over my shielding, amethyst only made me twitchy and uncomfortable, not balanced or calm, because it increased the volume of the emotions around me.

    This isn’t true for everyone, but folks should know that, if they’re uncomfortable around amethyst, there’s a reason for that. They may need to put it aside and do some work on psychic control first.

    Love it now, but that was not always the case


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