of babies and blunders

Of babies…

children = love

We celebrated Litha today with my friend Jen’s circle. It was a quaint little gathering, more children than adults. It got me dreaming about  my own little one running around. By the time there is once again a seed in my belly all these lil ones could be Daisy’s age. No… I’d say in the next two years we’ll be pregnant. My husband is finally confident with the idea. Beautiful man. He’s already such a good daddy. I’ve really latched on to the idea of making babies with him.

Of circle blunders…

the elements

I was asked last minute to call a corner and Jen knowing my directional issues allowed me to have my choice of South or West, so I stood west and called water. All was well through ritual. During closing I was in the spirit of the process I guess, and so had a little blunder. We were moving widdershins releasing the elements and after earth was dismissed, I began my farewell ~ only it wasn’t my turn. Though I don’t embarrass easily I still felt lightly pink in the cheeks :/ My sweet Laurabell probably thought I was talking over her when really I was just moving in my traditional direction. Whoops.


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