it is love

I contemplate the Divine on a fairly regular basis. I also experience him/her/it. Him/her/it is what brings me to my pen, later (which is now) to be shared via blog for your own contemplation. My definition of the Divine has evolved throughout the years, as I’m sure happens for many. At one point, it was very much about the Goddess. Participating in group ritual inevitably led to a calling of the dynamic duo. In the last year or so however, gender has slipped away.

I remember being a little girl and looking into the face of Jesus, a photograph in my mother’s house. I remember singing boisterously in church, hymns to God and his awesomeness. I am not sure if my Patriarchal childhood led me to seek out the Goddess. I resonate deeply with the concept of the triple Goddess. I celebrate the many faces of the goddess Hecate. Even now, I celebrate the feminine: I smile as I sit under her sacred yoni-ness to write these thoughts. Yes, there is something that still connects me to a divine feminine.

But when I call to the Divine, I call to Spirit. There is no separation of sexual illusions. When I sit here, even feeling the energy of this powerful feminine force of my apple tree, it is still the voice of Spirit that whispers to me and through me in the wind. It is harmony. It is balance. It is everything sacred contained in One, yet not contained at all.

It is love.

it is love


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