sacred stewards

I am completely in love with this time of year. My yard turns into a jungle. Mostly weeds, spreading prolifically. But what is that quote about weeds by Emerson? “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” And another by A.A. Milne, “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

As I sat in my second hand rocker outside, and opened my notebook to begin scrawling out this post, the book parted to reveal a pressed and drying lilac. Was it the husband or the daughter that put it there? I’m not sure. It was a lovely surprise though. Lilacs are my favorite piece of late spring/early summer. Their blooms are so fragrant it sparks something mysterious to open inside of me. That is the magic of essences, yes? (note* the husband just came home from walking the dog ~ he is not the flower pressing culprit, though was disappointed that he hadn’t thought of it ~ that leaves the child ~ that’s my girl!)

Planted the bed yesterday. It’s a small square of land, probably 9×8 or something like that. It’s good to start small I think. (Thumb=black, remember?) I planted tomatoes, corn, onions, beans, quinoa, peppers, squash, basil and thyme. The potatoes have a couple more days to dry out first before I can sow them. That’s a lot of veggies for such a little plot 🙂 I plan on taking good care of them so send me green growing juju, please! We still need to build a small barrier fence with a cover to keep the squirrels out. Little buggers!

I was browsing seed catalogs this morning while enjoying my morning coffee with my fabulous husband. I dream about growing things listed in those catalogs. I dream of having my entire (though small) yard covered with healthy and beneficial plants. I want a medicinal garden to where I can cut fresh echinacea when my family has a cold coming on, or gather the calendula to make healing salves for yuletide gifts. And the veggies! Oh, the veggies. I want to grow mountains of vegetables to not only supply my own table with fresh, organic produce, but to be able to gift to my friends and family because there is simply too much for my family alone. I want my very own farmers market.

So yes, I want to utilize this land as much as possible and leave a thriving garden of food, healing, beauty and magic for the next inhabitants of this house. Although we love our little cottage and our little neighborhood, we’ll be gone in a couple of years when our mountain land finds us…

And in the meantime, I want to learn much, and do the best that I can to be a sacred steward of this land.

Now time to go pound tires with the husband. 🙂


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