a lil of this, a lil of that…

There is the scent of wild mint in the air. Thankfully my pungent friend grows like a weed without any assistance from me and my not so green thumb. It’s more like a black thumb, or by my daughter’s thought, red. Like blood. Because the poor lovely things die under my touch. She calls it murder.

Not this year though. This year my husband and I have a plan. We know it’s late in growing season already, but we’re looking towards summer veggies and top soil bag gardening. (Thank you Mother Earth News!) We are digging out one bed though. We have a good feeling about it. It’s our first attempt at really doing it well, and by the grace of the Goddess it shall be so.

Our greenhouse project is going well, though it’s been awhile since we’ve pounded a tire. We’ve both been incredibly busy, but we’ll be devoting the weekend to it. If you want to read more about the greenhouse project, visit my husband’s blog here. He hasn’t updated it in awhile, but you’ll get the gist. We’re pretty excited about it, as it’s just a small scale project for what we hope to turn into our home when we actually acquire mountain land. If you’re interested in Earthships (and you should be!), visit www.earthship.com and check out what that genius Michael Reynolds is doing out there. Also, put Garbage Warrior on your netflix list, because you know you have one.

diggin' out the site w/ a lil garden yoga

I’ve finally made a dent in my dress commission, so feel that I can put that aside at least until my client and I can schedule a fitting. My house has been completely neglected. So much for spring cleaning. How ’bout a summer cleanse instead? We’ll see. Procrastination central here. My studio closed so I also lost 2 classes in my weekly to~do list. You’d think that’d give me more time on my hands, yeah… no. There never seems to be quite enough of that.

My Yoni tree has lost her blossoms. Crap Crab apples will be coming in soon.

I believe we’re starting the second quarter of the moon today. The waxing 1/2 moon. I want to make sure we get our seeds planted before the moon is full. Like I said, we’re really trying to do it right this time.

I am so grateful to be married to my husband. That was a random thought stream, but it came to mind so there it is. I am honored every day that we walk side by side. I know that I am blessed.

I think I’ll do a tarot reading for my friend tonight. Emotion and instinct are heightened right now in the second quarter. Time to utilize mama moon’s mystery and magic.

As you may have guessed upon reading this post, my gemini mind is in overdrive today. One thought quickly making way for the next.

The lilacs are in bloom. 🙂


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