sacred simplicity

Tomorrow is Monday. The 26th of April. Nothing particularly significant about the day. Just merely the beginning of the week as per the Gregorian calender. The moon is nearing full, reaching her zenith on the 28th with Lunar Beltane. Beltane is Saturday. I have a full day planned, which is very unlike me, and none of it having anything necessarily to do with actual Beltane, though I can find the significance in anything I suppose.

My beautiful friend. Anyone know what she is?

I’ve been thinking lately that I need more magic in my life. That whole thought pattern being the reason behind starting this blog. I don’t want to say that I don’t have ‘time’ for magic. Because magic is in everything I make of it. Like right now for instance; I sit on my porch in my favorite rocker, sipping my mate and scribing down my thoughts on this paper before I transfer them to cyber-land. There is this amazingly beautiful tree/bush next to me that has blossomed with these gorgeous coral flowers. I have no idea what the bush is called. But we commune. I sat next to her during Winter’s chill, when she was covered in icicles. I welcomed her first tiny buds of Spring. And now, the bees and I share in her grace and nourishment. For different reasons, perhaps. But all the same, we are one. The sun is hiding behind an overcast sky and the wind has picked up since this morning. It dances its way from tree to tree, with no beginning or end in sight. Absolutely everything is alive, and I am so grateful to walk this path.

See? Can’t you feel the magic?

This morning, we had a clothing swap at Kim’s yoga studio. Our way of saving money, saving waste, and gathering with the girls. I sometimes have to be pushed into doing things like this because I can be so damn antisocial. But I love it. I love these women! There is pure magic in sharing and communing with our sisters. Afterwards, while trying on clothes together, I just marveled at the beauty and freedom and love we all shared, some of us not even knowing each other very well, just able to strip off down to our skivvy’s and be completely uninhibited.

I was also able to connect with a sister that I’d had a bit of confused discomfort with. She is the teacher from the Wiccan class I’d mentioned previously. This connection was so needed! I’d wanted to hug her for so long, and just let whatever miscommunication or discomfort fall away between us. I feel like we were able to take that step finally. She is 8 months pregnant and her shower is Saturday (on Beltane). Very appropriate, I think. Her invites say, “Little Bee is almost here.” and “Blessed Bee.” ♥ So I made her a sling out of Pooh Bear material with little bees all over it. I love making slings for new mamas! I think they are the best, most practical thing for keeping our lil ones close when we have to keep functioning with our daily duties. They’re like lil mama caves. 🙂

So yeah. What was my point? Experiencing magic. Those were just 2 examples of finding it in everyday life. And that was just today!

My next step though, is to bring more ritual in. I’m not talking all out circle casting, fire dancing type ritual. We’ll save that for Sabbats. Though it might be fun to fire dance every night… wonder what the neighbors would think. 🙂 No, I’m talking simplicity. The most sacred of magic. The attunment of walking each step with the grace of Spirit. Tomorrow, Monday, it begins (I suppose Monday is as appropriate as any, it is Moonday, after all.)

Clearing space for new intentions

My husband and I just cleaned our altar. Clearing off old energies, making way for things to come. We don’t know what’s coming yet… That’s where this new adventure will start, at our altar. When I wake tomorrow morning, instead of jumping up and moving through my normal school day routine, I vow to take 5 minutes at the altar. 5 minutes of breath. 5 minutes of prayer. Offering my gratitude for this new day, the shining light of the sun, the earth beneath my feet.

I’ll start small. No reason to overwhelm myself or set myself up for failure. So this week, every morning upon rising and every night before retiring, I shall give myself 5 minutes at the altar.

Mmmm. The sun has peeked through the clouds.

Blessings abound


2 thoughts on “sacred simplicity

  1. … 5 minutes of breath. 5 minutes of prayer. Offering my gratitude for this new day, the shining light of the sun, the earth beneath my feet…
    Sounds like we have set the same goals :-D.
    I have changed my approach to many things leaving out the expectations of how things ‘should’ be done. Take for example yoga practise. I find 1 ½ hours very long if you do it alone at home. I never really got into it because this is what I thought has to be done. Now I tell myself that even 20 minutes is more than enough, but at least done consistently. Things can sometimes be overwhelming, but if approached with little steps they are not so daunting anymore.

    • Indeed. I used to be really hard on myself, especially with yoga. I thought I had to live up to certain expectations being a teacher. I don’t get a whole lot of time to dedicate to my own personal practice, and in class, I rarely get a thorough practice in because I am there for my students… But I’ve since realized that I am still living my yoga, which is what it’s all about. And yes, an hour and a half can be WAY intimidating. And certainly time consuming. Simple sun salutations are a great way to combine physical asana and prayer, and take hardly any time at all.
      I’m really working on allowing my life to flow together. All of my many influences and passions. You’re right. Things can be overwhelming. I think that this new method of less pressure and more compassion for the simple moments will make that difference. *Loves. }♥{

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