the ending of one journey, the beginning of the next…

past, present, future

Past: The 7 of Swords, reversed.

Failure to succeed in the move you are making. Lack of success in endeavors. The time is not now. Creative actions not producing results.

Well, obviously. If this is in relation to my crafts, I have definitely not seen the fruits of my labor. But to be fair, I have not necessarily been super proactive about really putting myself out there.

Present: The 2 of Pentacles, reversed.

Weakness. No energy. No chance to gain through work. Laziness. Half hearted work or unwillingness to work.

Ugh. Seriously? Okay, here’s where real honesty comes in. If, in fact, this is relating to my craft, it is true. Because of past failures, I have this lingering doubt that it is really going to work. So therefore, I have this unwillingness to really try. Because of that, I fail. But the thing is, I asked specifically if Custom Made Fairy Tale was going to work the other day, and I got a definite yes…

Future: The 10 of Cups, modified by the Princess of Pentacles.

Tens, the end and the beginning of the journey. Hmm… 10 of Cups, physical manifestation. True feelings have manifested. Feelings no longer unsure. That which you intuited comes to pass.

Alright. Finally a little bit of positivity, thank you very much. Perhaps the end of my journey of doubt, the beginning into the new adventure of pure possibility! No not possibility. Pure manifestation. It’s going to happen. With the princess of pentacles as the modifier, it only adds to the conclusion of the card. Beginnings and completion. The physical thing represented by the 10 of cups has manifested. That, being my craft. And not just Custom made Fairy Tale, but perhaps all of my crafts in relation to business. The cloaks, the yoga products, everything.

Bring it on.


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