the witches tarot

I am slowly learning the tarot again. When I was younger it came so naturally. All I can say for that is perhaps over the years I’ve allowed  certain intuition blockages to form. It’s easy to let that happen…

The Empress from the older deck. The newer ones have a black border...

My personal deck was like a faithful friend. I gave it up (along with my soul, my longing, my connections, my truth) when I was trying to re-establish a relationship with my mother and gave my cards to a close friend with the hope that she would love them as much as I. She did. Recently in the last couple of years I’ve been searching for a deck that spoke to me but have found none. For some reason I felt that I needed a different deck from  my previous one because I was in many ways a different person. But then the universe stepped in. I was gifted a deck~ a newer version of the same deck I used. Interestingly, it feels just as comfortable in my hands and heart as its predecessor. I feel that same connection when I move the cards through my fingers. And even though right now the readings aren’t clear and I have to gain *outside insight, I have faith that the more I work with them the more will come back to me. By the will of Spirit and all that is close to my heart. So mote it be.

*outside insight. Hmm… that could be an entirely different post, reflecting on the oxymoron-ish nature of what that phrase could mean. ~Peace.


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