oh blessed sun ☼

I’m originally from South Florida. I grew up in the sweltering heat and humidity of that tropical climate and I loved every minute of it. Traveling as I did, I’ve experienced a multitude of climates and I absolutely adore living in an environment that I can experience the changing of the Seasons. Though connected deeply to my inner witchiness while living in year round summertime (with the occasional coldfront, hurricane, etc), I do feel that I am at an advantage planting my roots in a place where Imbolc truly does shine bright on things to come, and where I feel Midwinter’s darkness deep inside my bones with the promise of greater light.

I’m sitting outside today. A beautiful April afternoon in Colorado, the wind plays a breezy tune on my almost bare legs. I wear a sweater still, because I am a Florida girl and my blood runs with salty air and warm ocean currents. But the sun, oh that blessed and glorious sun, he shines ever so bright, filling me with renewed energy to move ahead. And knowing that we are not clear for snows finality until late May/early June, I smile back at him with utmost joy and gratitude flowing from my sun kissed heart.


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