moving against the tide

otherwise know as:

Stop f**king with our natural attunement to mama’s rhythms.

Feel me?

I’m talking about daylight savings time. And I’m angry about it. I’ve been dreading it for weeks now. Compiling this momentum of passionate frustration into imaginary letters to my government officials. Knowing that it was going to come, and at least for this time around, that I wasn’t going to be able to do a damn thing about it.

As inhabitants of this planet, our bodies are organically programmed to the natural rhythms of her cycles. Even those of us that are not ultra sensitive to those connections still feel it. The moon stirs within us and moves through our emotions just as she does with the oceans tides. The sun has been reborn at midwinter. The days are already growing longer. We see it and experience it with every sunset. We know, upon rising with the sun, what time it is. Not because the clock on our mantle says so, but because our bodies tell us so with the sun as our guide.

The dilemma:

As much as I’d like to serve my natural instincts as a witch and connected human being, I still (at present) have to function in society. I have to get my child to school on time, show up for work, and make my scheduled appointments. I’m not angry about my responsibilities. I’m angry that there’s this lame-ass, nonsensical, government regulation telling me that they know better.

There is no reason for daylight savings time. Our hours of sunshine are exactly the same and the only power to change that is the earth herself.


2 thoughts on “moving against the tide

  1. I have to admit that this gave me a chuckle, but you’re absolutely right about our bodies naturally knowing the time and the changing seasons. Daylight savings time has always seemed so pointless to me, but I can’t say it has ever been more than a minor annoyance to me.

  2. Lovely Moonblade, until this year, I do not think that it was much more than a ‘minor annoyance’ to me as well. I don’t know what it was about this time around… but it was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back. Considering there are almost 3 states that choose not to recognize it, I’m thinking that the rest of the country needs to jump on the bandwagon. There’s a saying that goes something like “only the government could think that cutting off the top of a blanket and sewing it onto the bottom could make a longer blanket”. Exactly.
    I just feel that we need to come back to the Earth. And unnecessary things like this make me crazy.
    Thanks for your comment… Blessed be.

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