a witch by any other name…

While pondering a name for this blog, I found myself examining my motive for starting it… What I came up with is this:

I’m on the computer a lot. Too much at times. Sometimes for work, others just for browsing the web or networking, i.e. passing time on facebook. I used to journal but don’t necessarily keep one anymore. Most of what I write goes into whatever notebook happens to be near at the time, and then gets lost in the blackhole of the random drawer or bookshelf. I stumble upon it at a later day (or year) and I’m like, ‘oh, that was pretty good’.

So there’s one reason. A place to write that won’t accidentally get thrown away, a place to share that may or may not be seen… no pressure, no deadlines.

Here’s another: I love to learn. And I retain things better by writing them down.

I attempted recently to join a Wiccan class. It served already practicing Solitaires or those just beginning on their path. My daughter joined me and liked it for the most part. I couldn’t stick with it though. First off, I came into it a month or so late. Which wasn’t a big deal. The girl running it was the main leader of my friends coven. I instantly liked her as a person. The classes themselves were set up to start at the beginning, obviously great for beginners, and were laid out for degree seekers. I suppose the main reason I couldn’t do it was my own ego, though I’ve been told by friends to stop beating myself up over it. To rattle off my so-called list of reasons, one by one:

1. I am not (and do not plan on becoming) a Wiccan. I understand the term ‘Witch’ derives from Wicce and that this is the root from which Wicca stems. And although I do use and respect many of the beliefs and practices of this path ~ I do not resonate with its whole.

2. I am not seeking a degree.

3. As it turns out, I am not seeking a teacher. (though I am not opposed to the lessons I learn from others and embrace them fully)

4. I felt judged and scolded when I could not attend, which frustrated me to all hell.

5. It was a class based on the teachers way, and in the classroom, was not open to other paths.

These are just a few. What a nit-picky little bwitch I am.

I understand how this type of class would serve some. What I wanted was more of a ‘book club’ type setting, where we could all share our ways and opinions with openness and warmth, and the opportunity to meet others of like mind to occasionally have group ritual…

Here’s the thing. I don’t like labels. (Though yes, I call myself witch ~ the term can encompass so much.) I have a hard time adhering to one ‘name’ or identifying myself to a particular tradition. This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a gemini and am constantly changing my mind.

I do however, have a set of core values and beliefs that lie at the heart of my spirituality. These things do not define me, but they do add to the pool of creation from which I continue to evolve.

So to sum up that second thought: I’m starting the blog to stay focused on my path of no name. Recording my own studies, my own thoughts, my own quiet voice that whispers ‘witch’.

This is not an online book of shadows. It’s simply a journey into rediscovering my Path, and finding again my voice and magic in this world.

May the sun rise us up and the earth ground us in our roots.

Blessed Be.


¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨ }♥{
(¸.·´ (¸.·`

Dancing with Hecate


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