raindrops and roses.

Sometimes there is just nothing like a hot shower to cleanse the mind and refresh the whole self. Ahhh…


While scrubbing my tired skin with a yummy ayurvedic sugar scrub, it got me thinking about how blessed I was to have these delicious natural products at my personal hygiene bidding. As I dried off and went about my relatively simple routine, I felt a renewed love for the products on my bathroom shelf. The skin is our largest organ after all. Treat it with love.


So without further ado, and in no particular order, these are a few of my favorite things:


witch hazel1. Witch hazel. I love this stuff. I tend to go back and forth between brands, whatever’s on sale. But truly, witch hazel is my answer to a lazy night when I don’t feel like washing my face. Or those times when you’re camping and don’t have access to a water supply. It’s also a great astringent and even an antiseptic for cleaning wounds. My husband doesn’t really care for the smell but I like it. Keep some organic cotton pads around for applying or just use as a splash.


collagenalmond2. Aubrey Collagen and Almond lotion, oh how I love thee! I’m the kind of girl that likes to keep things simple (most of the time) so I was always looking for a lotion or moisturizer that I could use on my face as well as the rest of my body. This is it. It’s not too heavy, not to light. It smells fantastic and definitely serves its purpose. Most of Aubrey’s products are organic and vegan. Bonus!


peppermint-pure-castile-soap13. Bronner’s liquid castile soap. Any scent but my favorite is peppermint. This stuff is pretty versatile and can be used for just about anything from brushing your teeth to washing your clothes. We keep a large one in the shower for bathing and a small one in the VW for camping needs. Be careful, a little goes a long way. And watch out for the more sensitive areas of your body. The peppermint tends to tingle. Most healthfood stores will carry this in their bulk section so save your container to re-fill.


jojoba4. Jojoba oil. I like keeping a simple base of jojoba around because I can add it to a smaller container with my favorite essential oil. If you apply the oil to you body when your done showering before you dry off, and then just pat yourself dry with a towel, your skin is so silky smooth! Also works great as a massage oil. My yoga students love it!


clay5. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This is by far the best facial mask ever! If you use apple cider vinegar instead of water it mixes a lot smoother plus you have the added benefits of the ACV. Leave it on for only a little while or until it dries to a crisp :) To remove, take a warm, wet washcloth and press onto face with both hands. Rinse cloth and repeat until most of the clay has come off. Rinse any leftovers off with warm water. Witchhazel can be a little stingy to apply right after so I use Rose or Lavender water instead and follow with my Aubrey lotion.


egyptian_magic6. Egyptian Magic. This is the most expensive of my beauty arsenal but it lasts forever and it’s worth it. I use it for tough dry spots like my feet and hands. Also great for cuts and scrapes and even chapped lips.


burtbee7. Speaking of chapped lips, I’ve yet to find anything that beats my Burt’s Bees. It saves me in this dry climate. I like the original with the peppermint, or the new honey one. :)


That’s it for the most part. I tend to go back and forth between what I use for shampoo/conditioner. My favorite brands are Aubrey, Jason, and Avalon organics.


elysian-fields8. Oh~and recently I’ve been using these great new bar soaps that my neighbor makes. (I know, awesome right?!) They are completely natural with no harmful additives. They come in all kinds of great scents, too! Check her out at Apotheka Soaps.


So there you have it! A little insight into my girl-ness. ♥



To keep it local if you’re in the Springs area, shop Mountain Mama Natural Foods or Sammy’s Organics. Vitamin Cottage is great, too!

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