a personal yoga practice.

Maintaining a home practice can be challenging for many of us. Teachers and students alike.

I remember going through my first training. I had a committed personal asana practice. It was a home practice, because at the time (and for most of my life really), I couldn’t afford to take yoga classes at a studio. I remember many of the other teachers-in-training were surprised at this, and mentioned that if it wasn’t for going ‘out’ to a studio, their practice would be non-existent. I know this to be true for many of us…

I suppose it’s similar to our diets. If we had a personal chef to prepare us fantastic and nutritious food, wouldn’t it be easier to eat healthier? So we go ‘out’ for yoga, we leave it to the teacher to work our bodies and nourish our minds. That is what they’re there for, right?

Well, in a sense, yes. That is what we’re here for. But at the same time, we are here to teach you that it is actually YOU that is your own best teacher. My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire. Inspire YOU to live to your greatest potential and recognize your own divine nature.

If you make it to my Tuesday noontime Sadhana every week without fail, but that is the only time you get on your mat… of course I would congratulate you for honoring yourself that one day a week with that gift of yoga. I would also encourage you however, to develop some sort of home practice. They say it takes 21 consecutive days to develop a healthy habit so that it begins to flow freely and naturally. My suggestion: Start with a 5 minute a day pranayama practice. Sit quietly, preferably before you start your day, to connect with your breath. Perhaps you have 15 minutes to spare for a few rounds of Sun Salutes. You can begin anywhere. The point is, to just begin.

I love having you in class. I honor that sacred divine and intuitive teacher in each and every one of you. Lay out your mat tonight on your living room floor and go inward. Let your breath lead you into your most perfect asana practice yet.


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