mother nature’s yoga.

The week before last, my husband took our dog on his regular morning run through beautiful Red Rock canyon. On this particular day he happened to trip and fall. Our dog, being that he didn’t want to be the cushion to the landing, ran on… dragging my husband behind.

When he got home I tried not to panic. He tends to injure himself often. (Tis true, honey) He was pretty banged up though. A nasty deep gash on the palm of his hand and a leg that had definitely seen better days. So we cleaned the wounds and pulled out the ole staples: tea tree oil and what we had left of Egyptian magic. Normally we use Tamanu oil for EVERYTHING, and because of this we were completely out, as was our local health food store. I don’t know if it would have made a difference or not having Tamanu. Probably not.

Anyway, that day and evening he was helping out a friend in Denver, handling a lot of cash and merchandise and exposing his hand wound to all sorts of invaders…

The next morning we were having coffee and we noticed the wound on his hand was tender and red with an obvious red line traveling up his arm from the wound. Definite red flag! I knew some folks that had blood poisoning and knew that it was nothing to mess with. Immediately we started him on LDM and did research online and in our many holistic and medical books. Everything we came across said EMERGENCY!!! We opted at first to go to our trusted local herbalist and get her opinion. Well no sooner did she look at his arm then she declared: get to the hospital NOW!

He was expecting an antibiotic shot given the seriousness of the issue and the fact that the first emergency clinic sent him to another because they didn’t have the shot. So he sat at the “Urgent” care facility, a division of the hospital for almost 2 hours before anyone addressed him with any information. By that time his hand had just been soaking in some sort of soapy water solution and his ‘patience’ was wearing very thin.

When it finally came down to it, it turned out they didn’t have the shot (after they’d already told us they did), and prescribed him pills instead. Have you read the side effects of these things?! We were so frustrated by the time we left. They didn’t come through with anything they said when we got there, including giving us a rough estimate of the bill… nope, we have to wait a good month or two to see our outrageous hospital bill for absolutely NO service.

He got a tetanus shot. Didn’t want it, but he did it anyway.

I filled the script on the way home. But we weren’t satisfied. Between the LDM and reiki, the line had started to fade. We wanted to give Mother Nature one more chance before we pumped him full of chemical antibiotics.

Now let me state: I am in no way suggesting you ignore your doctor’s orders for such a serious condition. I am simply relaying a personal experience.

We found a story online about potatoes. We thought, okay, let’s just try this. We’ll monitor his condition, and if any of the symptoms get worse, we will immediately take the antibiotic. So on to the health food store for some organic white potatoes. We peeled and then shredded some of the pulp, and made a poultice type application for his wound. He kept it on there for a few hours, covered with plastic, then we let it dry out for awhile and followed it with an Epsom salt soak, followed again by drying and then more potatoes. We did this continuously for a couple of days. By the end of that first night, the line had faded dramatically. He continued with the LDM and also took propolis, ate LOTS of garlic and drank lemon and cayenne water.

No antibiotics later, he is superb. Wound is healing wonderfully AND he didn’t get this NASTY cold/flu that I seem to have caught (probably from being in the hospital). It is still beating me for almost a week now. I am very sure though that the propolis, vitamin C, garlic and LDM kept him from getting sick. And they are definitely helping me, too. Just taking a bit longer than I’d like… ugh. We are happy, after the fact, that they didn’t have the shot.

It was funny. We are not doctor people. We always trust in Holistic medicine, but we are not opposed to using conventional methods when they are deemed necessary. What was funny was that we ended up using our Holistic arsenal anyway.

Jai! and Blessed are we to live in such a magical, bountiful Earth! Heres to health!

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