yoga and the bonds of women.

There is a new class that I have fallen in love with, led by an exquisite yoga teacher that I am so grateful for. It’s themed and called ‘Women’s Wellness’. I went to the first one on a whim, loving the name (interesting titles tend to catch my eye.) I discovered that it was a class that originated off of a workshop on stages of menopause, but this didn’t discourage me, it only further fed my spark. I have a deep love of learning new ways of healing and the idea that this class was formulated for women especially intrigued me. It was my first class with Keri, and I have since discovered that she is an inspiring teacher, something that I personally look for.

The classes are informative and nurturing not only for those nearing menopause or experiencing the full effects of this often challenging time, but also for me (soon to be 30 years old and most likely years away from this phase of womanhood). The sequence is designed to specifically support a woman’s body and the class is filled with tidbits of yummy information on ways to nourish your body and spirit.

I love yoga. It is a deep part of my existence and I know that I would not be who I am without it. I also love women. I feel a strong connection with my sisters in this life, and sometimes feel that we need the support that only our sisters can give ~in more ways than we may let on. This is not to exclude men from our lives, or the balance and love that they provide. This is to acknowledge the bonds that we as women share, and to learn to honor ourselves as the Divine feminine that we are.

~Afraid to move forward
hesitating in indecisiveness
back and forth
back and forth
back and forth

until one morning
She wrapped herself
in purple silk
put roses in her hair
and shouted, “YES!”
to the sky.~

“Release” by Tara Maher 2007 (from Wemoon 09)

My Lahiri girls

My Lahiri girls

I am so grateful for being born a woman. I, like many women before me, and I’m sure many women after me, have spent time growing towards that gratitude, and of learning how to experience it comfortably. But I can now and I DO. I am grateful for my curvy thighs, those that I used to resent, but now embrace as being my support and connection to my heritage; I love my curves. I am grateful for my emotions; happy or sad, content or confused, as they guide me and help me understand lessons that I may not have access to otherwise. I am grateful for my moon cycle, that which comes to regulate me and remind me of my feminine nature and strength. I am grateful for my breasts, and accept gravity and its purpose, and that I was able to nourish my daughter and possibly other babies in the future.

I am grateful for my sisters. Those women of blood and beyond that inspire me to be the woman that I am, that encourage me to go beyond my perceived limitations of what I believe I am capable of. Those women that see the spark in me even when I no longer can, and remind me constantly of my Divine nature.

I am grateful for my mother, and her mother before her. And the grandmothers of time that have brought us to where we are today. I am grateful for their experiences, their victories, and their struggles. I am grateful for their courage and their sacrifice. I am grateful for their wisdom.

I am grateful for my daughter. I am grateful for OUR daughters. For they are the women of tomorrow, and the wisdom gained from our past will guide them to their future.

I am grateful to be alive and to be alive as a WOMAN. We still have so much to learn. But together, we will. With the wisdom to come from a place of love, we as women can continue to change the world.


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