Hello dear friends whom happen past these tidbits of thought. It’s been months since I’ve shared here. My daughter is out of school for the summer. The weather has turned warm and wet. Beautiful sunshine shines down upon us and my spirit is lifted. There is a part of me that needs to feel the sun on my skin. Part of growing up on the East coast, soaking in the mother ocean, warmed by father sun. I tend to experience the winter doldrums at times here in Colorado. The breathtaking beauty of the Rockies helps to sooth my soul and aids my patience for awaiting spring.

Now that it is here, and the soil is ready to share the magic of new life with us, I must learn to garden. I’ve always wanted to have the ‘green thumb’. Colorado presents a challenge for me though. Growing up in Florida, where there is sunshine year round and plenty of moisture, most everything grows fairly easy. But this challenge only presents an opportunity to become more connected with the earth, and I love to dig in the dirt.

I’ve a positive feeling for things to come. My husband and I are renovating our 100 year old home, attempting to increase its efficiency and possibly make room for a growing family. We are both learning something new everyday about the world we live in, and working to make it better. Sustainability is key, and that is the goal we work towards.

yogaboardI was grateful to cross paths with a dear friend of mine yesterday in class. A fellow drifter in this world that shines light in the lives of those he encounters. If you have an adventurous spirit, you should check out Aaron Mattley is the creator of these magnificent and innovative ‘yoga’ boards. They are truly phenomenal. My daughter and I and another friend got to play on Aaron’s board after class. We all had a fear of the typical skateboard. But this was different somehow. Watching Aaron ride was like grace on wheels. It was beautiful and we are hooked! We definitely need lessons, but have found a new sense of freedom on these commuter boards. Since we all live, work and shop locally, with this board it makes driving less seem much more feasible and fun.

Peace to all. Now go and do something brilliant.


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