morning rhythms.

The sun has welcomed the day – shining its gentle ‘good morning’ rays through my bedroom window. My eyelids flutter, knowing it’s time to rise, yet my warm bed and soft pillow pull me back into dreamtime and I drift away, allowing discipline to falter. The next time my eyes open, the sun shines brighter and I smell the delicious aroma of coffee brewing.

Is this the way of the yogi? To linger in bed instead of waking with the sun? Is it laziness, selfishness, lack of discipline? I don’t think so. Should I not rise before dawn, make myself a cup of hot water with lemon, meditate before mornings light and start my salutations to greet the sun – instead of the other way around?

Yes, this is ideal. And a beautiful way to start your day. But is it also not beautiful to listen to your body? And when your body gently whispers, ’20 minutes more’, to respond with compassion instead of guilt? I would say, yes. And when you do rise and greet the sun – do it with gratitude. No harm is done in allowing yourself more rest when your body calls for more rest.

And no matter what beverage you find in your morning cup, just be sure it is a cup of joy. A morning cup of love, a cup of bliss – a cup of intention.

Thank you warm cocoon of blankets for nourishing my slumber.
Thank you shining sun for being my bright beacon of daily reminder.

Now go and commit joy unto the world…


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